Toronto is well known for its immense culture, diversity, and variety of foods. Apart from being the largest city in Canada, it is also well-known for its extravaganzas. 

Our recent trip to the 6ix did NOT disappoint. 

On a Roll Records’ latest adventures led us to the Toronto beach show orchestrated by Fred E. Fame located near the High Parc. On a roll artist, BeRosey performed three songs: family, and Moment from his new album  “Burb-a-licious” scheduled to be released on June 17th. The up-and-coming artist has redefined his sound and evolved his product to a new level, and to celebrate it –  he’s giving away a one-of-a-kind customized “Burb-a-licious” BMX bike. 


To enter the giveaway, click the below:



But that’s not all, here are the hotspots we visited:



Located at: 5095 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 6Z4

When you first go in the atmosphere is bright, and had bumpin’ music. The staff were friendly and efficient and were eager to help you if needed. If you’re a fan of anime, care bears, and plush stuffed animals… we highly recommend them!

Let’s get into the concept of the shop.  You pay for tokens and slip them into machines in order to win stuffed animals, stickers, and figurines. At the end of your collection, you have the option to trade in your items for massive stuffed anime characters And animals. You can trade each win in for a grand prize. This time around the grand prize was a motored vehicle.


Located: 252 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z8

Waffle house

The On a Roll crew visited this establishment on multiple occasions and each time there was always something new that enhances the experience. The last time we visited waffle house had opened a new joint next door called “Super Balls Café” that sells tiny dessert balls. The servers are always welcoming and accommodating and we highly recommend you stop by if you’re ever in Toronto. 


Location: 146 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1G2


Recommended by a dear friend, the atmosphere is welcoming and the music makes you want to skip eating and supplement your hunger with a dance session! The Raspberry Lemonade was the highlight of our nights, we had that with a Caesar salad and some nachos.  With the good vibes and the great menu, this is definitely a spot worth visiting again.

HOLY SHAKES//T.O.’s Kathi Roll Eatery Toronto (Shared Space)

Location: 465 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A9


The menu is mouth-watering. It’s cozy enough for a date night, but also if you need a quick pick-me-upper. The shakes will have you asking for more, and the menu will leave you full and satisfied. We definitely recommend Holy Shakes if you’re ever in town.


We also visited Kensington Market, where we went to the Black Market Thrift Store. The atmosphere at both places was friendly and inviting. While walking down the street the energy is exuberant, you’re met with vendors selling soaps, jewelry, and other beautiful handmade items. The market is encompassed various culturally diverse restaurants spanning from Mexican to African foods and the like.

Overall, the trip to Toronto was filled with joyous fun, multiple laughs, and great locations. If you’re ever looking for great music, amazing locations, and good fun stop by these places and you won’t be disappointed.


What about you, have you ever visited these locations? Would you?

We would love to hear your opinions, just leave a comment below!

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