On a Roll Records

On A Roll Records is a record label dedicated to helping talented hard-working musicians by covering all production, marketing, and distribution needed to thrive. We believe there are just too many extraordinary talents going to waste due to the extra hassles and full-time responsibilities that come hand in hand in the business. We aim to put a stop to the wasted arts by motivating and inspiring greatness.

Our goal is to contribute to the vast music scene by handling all the extra work involved in the industry in our day and age. taking a load off our musicians shoulders allowing them to focus on the music and grow to their fullest of potentials. Delivering, and satisfying their fans and followers thirst for new music. Originally wanting to name the label "Bob's bikini babes" the search to hire a competent Bob was unsuccessful and so we decided to go with our second choice “On a Roll Records” because once you're on a roll there is no slowing down. Defying gravity itself we are now rolling uphill to the top of the Canadian music scene.

After 6 long months of dedicated work side by side with our artist “OAR RECORDS” is now ready to launch with a strong roster of 13 diverse musical acts covering various genres of music.

Latest Blog Post

OAR: The Beginning

Having experienced what it is like to be a struggling musician, Kyle O’Shea, with the help of Catarina Rolo, created On a Roll Records in 2017 as a way to give undiscovered artists a voice. As a multi-genre record label, OARR has a wide variety of artists such as Justine Garamani (R&B), Tuggras (reggae/dancehall), and […]