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OAR Livestream

The OAR Live Stream is a recurring event showcasing some of our city’s greatest local talents covering a vast variety of genres from hip hop to rock!
Launched by On a Roll Records as a result of the 2020 Pandemic in an attempt to give artists a place to perform and offer local businesses publicity and visibility for their brands as well as to bring joy and entertainment to the community from the safety and comfort of their homes!
We have done a fundraiser in association with the Welcome Hall Mission and have great performers come through like Stephen Voyce, Jason Valentino (LaVoixSemifinalist), Maya Malkin, Kidriz, TheRedFox, and more.

OAR Live stream Fundraiser

The OAR Live Stream Fundraiser was a 2 day 2 hour event that used music to bring people to gather to raise funds from the viewers and assistance by local sponsors, the goal is to help the less fortunate and to bring entertainment to the people in the safety and comfort of their homes. All donations were received by The Welcome Hall Mission, a local organization dedicated to helping Montreal’s people forever 150 years! 

Live Performances

Maya Malkin



Jason Valentino

Jess Abran


Stephen Voyce

Justin Stuart

Lea Keeley

Kid Riz

Sean Hassard

Ashton Chase

Full Livestream

OAR LIVE STREAM - FUNDRAISER - feat. (Jason Valentino, Red Fox, Dope.Gng and Guests!)

OAR LIVE STREAM - FUNDRAISER - feat. (Stephen Voyce, Jess Abran, BeRosey) + Guests

OAR LIVE STREAM - Lea Keeley, Sean Donnelly, Ashton Chase and Justin Stuart

OAR LIVE STREAM - Maya Malkin, Justine Garamani and MIC The Rapper