We all know getting replies from industry reps can be difficult, so if you’re tired of being left on read and want your tracks heard, this service is for you! Realistically, not everyone will get a good review. But knowing where your music stands could be priceless. In this scenario, information is key for your future releases and upcoming projects. Our A&R will go over different aspects of your music such as sound, subject, lyrics, skill and production. giving you a full feedback report that could help you grow and know where your art stands based off the industry standards. 


Do you have a breakthrough single?
Get a professional opinion and have our A&R listen to your next hit and/or watch your latest music video. Receive a full report today, Answering all your questions from what works, what doesn’t, and advice on how to move forward. A positi

1-2 Songs


They say all good things come in threes. 

2-6 Songs


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Artist Review

Allow our A&R to give you a full Artists review, from music to image, and socials to branding.

Other Services


Video Production

Graphic Design

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Social Media MGMT


E.P.K (Electronic Press KIT)

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