OAR: A New Year

Happy New Year! Who else is excited for 2020 to be over with? Because I know I am. 2020 has been a bloody hell of a year that I think just about everyone is looking forward to putting behind them. Although, not everything about this year has been horrible. While the outside world has been busy going to shit, On a Roll Records has been busy re-branding and doing the best they can to bring positivity to the lives of those around them.  Unfortunately, due to the current lockdown situation, the On a Roll Records office will remain closed until January 11th (or until further notice because who knows when this lockdown will really end). Once lockdown is lifted, we are hoping to be able to go back to offering in person services, with mandatory mask wearing inside the building at all times. But in the meantime, we are happy to announce that we are offering numerous amounts of brand new online services to help out artists during these tough times. The first of our many online services is graphic designing. This will be provided by the one and only xCephasx, who can help you out with anything from logos, to 3D animation.  We are also providing a new social media management service where a skilled team will help you rebrand and build your social media profiles. Another new online service provided is content creation where we will help artists and companies create content for their profiles, ranging everywhere from promotional concepts to social media content as well as Album roll outs. We also have a new A&R (artist and repertoire) option where an A&R Representative will help artists grow to their full potential by sharing their strategic guidance. And by listening to their content and providing professional feedback. Along the lines of A &R help, we have an EPK creation option. Electronic Press Kits are an important must have for every artist looking to work in the music industry. Therefore, our skilled team is available to help out anyone in need of creating and updating their EPK’s. And, finally, we are now offering a brand new writing/ghostwriting service where a team of writers and composers will help artists in terms of writing lyrics and composing instrumental tracks.  As I mentioned earlier, On a Roll Records has been doing the best they can to bring some light and positivity to people’s life amidst the ongoing pandemic. One way they have done this has been by hosting YouTube livestream concerts twice per month. Featuring a fantastic lineup of local artists, these livestreams have been a great way to provide the concert experience all the while still respecting the COVID-19 social distancing protocols. So far, these livestreams have included performers such as OAR’s very own MIC the Rapper, Tuggras, and BeRosey, along with special invited guests Sean Donnelly, Maya Malkin, Lea Keeley, Kid Riz, and so many more. Past themes to these livestreams have also included acoustic night and ladies night. So, stay tuned for the next OAR LiveStream coming to you on February 27th and 28th on YouTube.  Outside of OAR, but still on the topic of spreading light and positivity amongst COVID-19, one of our own, MasterChef and rapper, Dino Luciano, has opened up his very own restaurant right here in Montreal. Le Mariachi, a south-californian food inspired restaurant, is owned by Dino and his girlfriend, fellow chef, Sarah Tee. Located at 26 rue Belanger in Little Italy, Le Mariachi is the perfect restaurant to cure that neverending taco craving of yours.  One of my favourite parts about this family of ours, is that it never stops growing. The On a Roll Records team would like to take a moment to welcome our newest family members: Dave Gogan and xCephasx.  Dave Gogan, a Montreal born photographer, specializes in portraits, shows, concerts, weddings, and food. Having had his work published by Global News, Narcity, and FM2MAG Magazine, Dave is a kind hearted individual with an assertive side, who will help you reach your project goal in a fun and inclusive way. Dave can be booked for your photography needs through the PhotoBoxMTL page on the On a Roll Records website.  Straight from the deep dark depths of the interweb, Cephas, or professionally known as xCephasx, is one of our brand new in house graphic designers. Need anything ranging from fun logos, photos, and 3D content? Well, then Cephas is the guy for you! As a self-taught graphic designer with 11 years of experience, we are happy to welcome him to our team! And finally, because I know we are all missing those pre-COVID summer party vibes, make sure to go and check out the latest music video for Tuggras’ newest single “Whole Lotta Love” featuring vocals from the oh so talented, Justine Garamani. The video was filmed in areas around Montreal by Nu Age Films and features the wonderful dance skills of myself, Cassie Forzani. It also features the graphic designing skills of xCephasx. So, don’t forget to go and take a look!
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