Sounds of a Decade

sounds of a decade is a podcast hosted by Lou Coculuzzi (LouLou) who invites special guests that have been working hard in the music industry for 10 years or more. To discuss the do’s and don’ts with OG’s and Vets surrounding the scene. Learning about their good and bad experiences. Motivations in pursuing their dreams and helpful advice for all the struggling artists and musicians to follow.
Are you a proud artist/musician with a decade or more under your belt? Submit at the bottom!

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Our Host - LouLou

Nick Raz is many things. Some of the things he isn’t are bruschetta, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the newest Planet of the Apes trilogy. He frequently finishes top-3 in Mario Kart 64 during his Bleu Nuit slumber parties and has no experience whatsoever hosting cooking shows. He lives in space with his foxy wife and three cats.


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