Make the Plate

Featuring your favourite artists and hosted by Nick Raz, Make the Plate is a cooking web series where a special fan gets to select 5 random ingredients for their favourite artist to cook into a meal that fits into 1 plate. The artist may use any extra ingredients they wish from the provided side ingredient basket, but they must respect the number 1 rule of using all 5 main food items. At the end of each 20 minutes episode, the fan who selected the ingredients will be brought onto the show to taste the created meal. The web series will also be filmed in various well known restaurants around the Montreal area. So, stay tuned and watch the artists as they struggle to Make the Plate.

Nick Raz

Nick Raz is many things. Some of the things he isn’t are bruschetta, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the newest Planet of the Apes trilogy. He frequently finishes top-3 in Mario Kart 64 during his Bleu Nuit slumber parties and has no experience whatsoever hosting cooking shows. He lives in space with his foxy wife and three cats.