Regimental One Ton

Regimental has been in the Music Business for well over 15 years. Producing and doing Vocals on a wide array of music styles from Drum and Bass to Hip Hop . Originally the frontman for The Hardsteppers in the early 2000’s, Regimental has lent his talents to Electro Pop band Padclass¬† and released two full length albums with Hip Hop partner Mickey Boston. A hard working music writer he has also released a plethora of independent singles with a handful of record labels across the globe including Planet Break Records and Breakz R Boss. Known as a hard hitting entertainer , catching Regimental either in the studio or on stage is known to be an event not to be missed. Joining forces with On A Roll Records, Regimental is¬†going to send another couple shots in the air, letting friends and enemies alike know, this is just getting started.

“I’m all alone, I ain’t no CRIP. Meet the Army, ME, that’s it…”