Alicia Balfour, also known as B4Ali, is a Russian, Cuban Jamaican, and African rapper who was born in Toronto, Ontario, but grew up in the city of Laval. 

With the belief that music can be used as a healing tool, love and music have molded Ali into the person that she is today; a young woman finding her way through music and art. With a mother absent throughout most of her childhood, Ali was forced to grow up faster than usual. Ali could never really sing or play any instruments, but she could hear and feel music differently. The beat of the music always fell into place whenever she closes her eyes, and through this, so did she. 

Love and music play a huge part in Ali’s life. It brings out a great joy, but also brings out a pain that only time or the next song on your playlist can heal. The power of love has taught Ali a variety of life lessons. The pain that she felt and the walls that she built are part of the strong beautiful black woman she has become.

Ali’s songs covers various topics such as drug usage and sexuality. Through her music, the rapper was able to come out to her parents about her past experiences with drugs. Using her music as an outlet, Ali raps about being the open member of the LGBTQ+ community that she is today by including lyrics about relationships with both boys and girls. 

A backup plan without a backup plan is not a plan at all. “Branch out and try it all” as Ali says. This led Ali to follow her passion and become a certified makeup artists and eyelash technician. Due to her love for photography, Ali prefers to be behind the lens of a camera instead of in front. It allows her to capture what other people cannot see, otherwise known as the smirk at the corner of your smile before you actually smile.

Speaking of her career as a makeup artist, Ali got the amazing opportunity to do Cardi B’s sister, Hennessy Carolina’s makeup for an event she was hosting at Club Le Cinq in Montreal. This opportunity got Ali the job as one of Hennessy’s go to makeup artist for whenever she is in the beautiful city of Montreal.

As the odd ball middle child, Ali has 2 brothers and 3 sisters, and is a Marvel and Disney fanatic. Some of her favourite TV shows include Grey’s Anatomy, Lucifer, Animal Kingdom, and How to Get Away With Murder. Fun fact, Ali hates scary movies!

Ali does not wish to inspire anyone or to be a role model. She just wishes to transpire her journey through music. Now the question is, will you be willing to take this journey with her?