Chris Carpenter is a photographer, videographer, an all-around content creator. From the young age of 15, Chris left home and discovered the world of foster homes and a life away from his family. With the life that was brought upon him, he had to figure out the world on his own. After graduating from LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School, he picked up a camera as a coping method for the depression and anxiety of daily life. Chris started shooting daily, and soon found a new passion when he shot his first concert: Green Day in Toronto for their 2017 summer show. Now 20, Chris has shot a great deal more than photographers his age. He photographs portraits, cars, sporting events, and concerts. Some past concerts include Linkin Park, YBN Nahmir, Migos, Panic! At the Disco, and many others. Chris also came in 6th place for Best Instagram (CB43Media) on Cult MTL’s Best of 2019. Besides having already toured with Eminem and Joyner Lucas, Chris is striving every day to be an artist’s personal photographer and spend his future life on tour.

Fun fact: Chris has had the same JanSport backpack since he was 5 years old, and still uses it to this day.