Ink Chemistry

Randy Nixon is an Irish-Canadian, professional tattoo artist, street artist, and illustrator. He is commonly known as Chems or The Ink Chemist. Randy is known for his experimental style with darkness meets light, contrasting opposites to create a sense of motion, depth, and magic. Color theory techniques also enhance his vibrant apocalyptic signature. He has been involved in the Montreal art scene for 20+ years now. Throughout his career, Randy has worked on the development of body art, street art, mural art as well as illustrations for the music industry. He also does freelance work of custom traditional and digital paintings. Randy’s work can be found on the streets as well as on the residents of his home town of Montreal. Of course, it can also be found on social media such as Facebook, Ink Chemistry, and Instagram, @Ink_chemistry. Randy’s amazing art earned him a 3rd place on Cult MTL’s Best of 2019 for Best Graffiti Artist/Crew. A picture of his art is also used (…)

Fun fact: Randy cannot go to bed without the TV on, so he goes to bed watching documentaries.